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Heater, Thermostat & Heating Devices

Thermostats are used in any device or system that heats or cools to a setpoint temperature, examples include building heating, central heating, air conditioners, HVAC systems, water heaters, as well as kitchen equipment including ovens and refrigerators and medical and scientific incubators.


Mica Band Heaters Mica Band Heaters

From ₹250.00

Accessories Electronics Accessories Electronics

From ₹10000.00

Induction Heater Induction Heater

From ₹3000.00

Kerosene Heater Kerosene Heater

From ₹2200.00

Geyser Heating Element Geyser Heating Element

From ₹30.00

Induction Hardening Machine Induction Hardening Machine

From ₹25000.00

Thermic Fluid Heaters Thermic Fluid Heaters

From ₹25000.00

Kiosk Systems Kiosk Systems

From ₹45000.00

Induction Heating Machine Induction Heating Machine

From ₹40000.00

Cartridge Heaters Cartridge Heaters

From ₹50.00

Outdoor Heaters Outdoor Heaters

From ₹10000.00

Heat Pumps Heat Pumps

From ₹38500.00

Billet Heater Billet Heater

From ₹100000.00

Laptop Laptop

From ₹12500.00

Cast Heaters Cast Heaters

From ₹1200.00

Heated Tanks Heated Tanks

From ₹65000.00

Gas Fired Heaters Gas Fired Heaters

From ₹170000.00

Drum Heater Drum Heater

From ₹9500.00

Titanium Heater Titanium Heater

From ₹1200.00

Strip Heater Strip Heater

From ₹225.00

Nozzle Heater Nozzle Heater

From ₹225.00

Panel Space Heater Panel Space Heater

From ₹125.00

Silicone Rubber Heater Silicone Rubber Heater

From ₹1250.00

Insulation Heater Insulation Heater

From ₹950.00

Forced Hot Air Treatment Plant Forced Hot Air Treatment Plant

From ₹700000.00

Flanged Heater Flanged Heater

From ₹1800.00

Industrial Heaters Industrial Heaters

From ₹5000.00

Heating Element Heating Element

From ₹125.00

Coil Heater Coil Heater

From ₹2400.00

Infrared Heater Infrared Heater

From ₹450.00

Hamam Water Heater Hamam Water Heater

From ₹18880.00

Industrial Juice Heater Industrial Juice Heater

From ₹300000.00

Underfloor Heating System Underfloor Heating System

From ₹1200.00

Circulation Heater Circulation Heater

From ₹25000.00

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