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Industrial Chemicals

Industrial chemicals play a vital role in modern manufacturing, from solvents to adhesives and lubricants to coatings. Industrial chemicals are a diverse group of substances used in a wide range of manufacturing and production processes. Explore the different types of industrial chemicals, their pro read more...perties, and their applications in our comprehensive guide. Learn how they impact our daily lives and how they are used to make products we rely on. show less


Paver Block Hardener Paver Block Hardener

From ₹20.00

Silica Gel Silica Gel

From ₹69.00

RO Antiscalant RO Antiscalant

From ₹95.00

Activated Carbon Activated Carbon

From ₹30.00

Gold Plating Chemical Gold Plating Chemical

From ₹2000.00

Garnet Sand Garnet Sand

From ₹750.00

Printing Chemicals Printing Chemicals

From ₹800.00

Chrome Chemical Chrome Chemical

From ₹100.00

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