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Industrial Fabrics and Textiles

The term industrial textile(textile industry) is mainly used to refer non-traditional textiles and it is also known as technical textiles or high performance textiles or high tech textiles. According to the definition industrial textiles possesses three primary uses.


Paper Bags Paper Bags

From ₹1.00

PVC Fabric PVC Fabric

From ₹50.00

PTFE Fabric PTFE Fabric

From ₹30.00

Exhalation Valve Exhalation Valve

From ₹1.80

Eco-Friendly Bags Eco-Friendly Bags

From ₹299.00

Architectural Fabric Architectural Fabric

From ₹150.00

HDPE Laminated Fabric HDPE Laminated Fabric

From ₹160.00

Fire Proof Canvas Fabric Fire Proof Canvas Fabric

From ₹120.00

Non Woven Fabric Non Woven Fabric

From ₹100.00

Anti Static Fabric Anti Static Fabric

From ₹105.00

Fabric Tents Fabric Tents

From ₹50.00

HDPE Woven Fabric HDPE Woven Fabric

From ₹190.00

Card Holder & Cases Card Holder & Cases

From ₹2.00

Laminated Fabric Laminated Fabric

From ₹490.00

Silica Fabric Silica Fabric

From ₹250.00

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