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Metal Furniture Suppliers

Usually metal furniture is made from either steel or aluminum. To tell aluminum from steel, place a magnet on a metal surface and if it is steel it will stick. Steel furniture is typically pricier when it is used as furniture, with the price varying according to the type of metal and thickness.


Restaurant Furniture Restaurant Furniture

From ₹200.00

Ironing Table Ironing Table

From ₹650.00

Overhead Shelves Overhead Shelves

From ₹2000.00

Metal Chair Metal Chair

From ₹1000.00

Metal Bed Metal Bed

From ₹2000.00

Stainless Steel Tables Stainless Steel Tables

From ₹120.00

Foldable Dinning Table Foldable Dinning Table

From ₹18000.00

Work Counters With Doors Work Counters With Doors

From ₹9500.00

Wall shelf Wall shelf

From ₹450.00

Wire Stand Wire Stand

From ₹5000.00

Wire Stands Wire Stands

From ₹66000.00

Metal Table Metal Table

From ₹750.00

Iron Generator Stand Iron Generator Stand

From ₹500.00

Aluminum Outdoor Furniture Aluminum Outdoor Furniture

From ₹11500.00

Cast Iron Bench Cast Iron Bench

From ₹7000.00

Metal Pedestal Drawer Metal Pedestal Drawer

From ₹6570.00

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