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Modular kitchen

A modular kitchen is simply a modern and flexible way to design your kitchen, allowing you to choose a variety of cabinets for different functions which come in “modules.” The modules are available in different sizes which can suit various functions depending on which area of the kitchen you would c read more...hoose to use the .c show less


Wooden Modular Kitchen Wooden Modular Kitchen

From ₹150.00

PVC Modular Kitchen PVC Modular Kitchen

From ₹130.00

Modular Kitchen Service Modular Kitchen Service

From ₹1400.00

Restaurant Furniture Restaurant Furniture

From ₹2100.00

Overhead Shelves Overhead Shelves

From ₹2000.00

Metal Chair Metal Chair

From ₹1400.00

Detachable Working Table Detachable Working Table

From ₹4827.00

Foldable Dinning Table Foldable Dinning Table

From ₹18000.00

Work Counters With Doors Work Counters With Doors

From ₹9500.00

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