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Inkjet Batch Coding Machine

The Inkjet Batch Coding Machine is used the most for printing high-quality batch codes on products. These codes help to keep track of every product during the manufacturing and distribution stages. The major industries where this device is used are the pharmaceutical industry, food & beverage indust read more...ry, and industrial manufacturing industry. When it comes to printing premium-grade batch codes, nothing can compete with this machine. These devices can be classified into two major categories, contact printers and non-contact printers. The device that comes in contact with the surface where it prints is known as a contact printer. If it does not touch the target surface, then it is termed a non-contact printer. They are further classified based on the level of automation. These are fully automatic, semi-automatic, and Manual Batch Coding Machine. While selecting these devices, remember to compare various models and select the one satisfying your needs. show less

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