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Axial Flow Fan

An axial flow fan is a type of fan that produces a flow of gas in the direction parallel to its axis. The blades of the axial fan form a pressure difference that forces the air to move in the axial direction. The main thing that decides the efficiency and performance of the fan is the size and no. o read more...f blades present in the fan. In contrast to the conventional ducting fans, these have less no. of blades (generally 2 to 6) and rotate at a relatively lower speed. Also, the radius of these axial flow fans varies according to which it is being used. Axial fans have countless applications. These fans are used in computers to keep the processor cool by removing the hot air from the area around the processor. They are also used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems to maintain the flow of air over the coils containing the refrigerant to increase the efficiency of the apparatus. These fans are also used in the condenser unit of the air conditioner which helps to remove the hot air from the unit. These fans are generally made up of aluminum because it is a strong metal and it is corrosion-free as it does not react with moisture or oxygen easily, two main causes of corrosion. Aluminum is getting popular day by day as the material used to manufacture industrial equipment due to its durability and long life. Generally, axial fans come in the diameter range starting from 6 inches and going up to 65 inches. You can get an axial fan based on your requirements by contacting the manufacturer. Almost every axial flow fan manufacturer provides the option to get a custom-sized fan made from them. From refrigeration to industrial ventilation, axial fans are present everywhere fulfilling the needs of every consumer. show less

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