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Die Casting Mould & Moulding Tools

Die casting is a forming process for the mass production of, parts made from aluminium, magnesium, and their alloys.The feed side mold half is mounted on a fixed plate on the rigid side of the die casting machine, while the ejector side mold half is mounted on a movable plate placed on the other side.

-15.38% Paver Moulds Zig-zag 80mm
Paver Moulds Zig-zag 80mm

33.00 / 39.00

Spec: Paver Moulds Zig-zag 80mm
-5.71% Paver Mold
Paver Mold

33.00 / 35.00

Spec: Paver Mold, Silicon Plastic, 80mm., streets
Milano Paver Moulds 60mm
Milano Paver Moulds 60mm

36.00 /

Spec: Milano Paver Moulds 60mm
-15.38% Paver Molds I shape 80mm
Paver Molds I shape 80mm

33.00 / 39.00

Spec: Paver Molds I shape 80mm
-9.57% Rubber Pavers Molds
Rubber Pavers Molds

189.00 / 209.00


Building & Construction Machines

Building & Construction Machines. Concrete Mixers. Construction Equipment. Cement Concrete Mixer. Brick Making Machines. Jaw Crusher. Construction Machines. Bending Machine, Construction Machinery manufacturers Latest Price Manufacturer & Supplier in India

Pan mixer
Pan mixer

32000.00 /

Spec: Pan mixer
Auto unload concrete mixer
Auto unload concrete mixer

75000.00 /

Spec: Auto unload concrete mixer

730000.00 /

Paver Block Plant Setup
Paver Block Plant Setup

350000.00 /

Spec: Paver Block Plant Setup, Industrial
-44.67% Paver Block Plant
Paver Block Plant

249000.00 / 450000.00

Paver Block Vibrating Table
Paver Block Vibrating Table

300000.00 /

Spec: Paver Block Vibrating Table, Mild Steel, Automatic, Paint Coated
-5.08% Concrete Mixer
Concrete Mixer

113900.00 / 120000.00

Concrete Mixer (Electric)
Concrete Mixer (Electric)

64900.00 /

Spec: Concrete Mixer (Electric), 31st Grade Iron, Electric, Mobile Concrete mixer
-24.69% Rubber mold Block Machine
Rubber mold Block Machine

369000.00 / 490000.00

Spec: , , ,

Laboratory Chemicals

Laboratory Chemicals, Lab Chemicals, Chemicals and Lab Chemicals, laboratory chemicals, Pharma, Laboratories, chemistry lab chemical Latest Prices Manufacturer & Supplier in India

-11.11% Red Color
Red Color

160.00 / 180.00

Spec: RKR001, Iron Oxide, Powder, Red
-10.81% Yellow Color
Yellow Color

165.00 / 185.00

Spec: RKR002, Iron Oxide, Powder, Yellow

Industrial Chemicals

Chemicals developed or manufactured for use in industrial operations or research by industry, government, or academia. Hydrogen cyanide, cyanogen chloride, phosgene, and chloropicrin are industrial chemicals that also can be military chemical agents. ... See also chemical warfare.

-24.53% Melamine Hardener
Melamine Hardener

40.00 / 53.00

-13.33% PCE Hardener
PCE Hardener

130.00 / 150.00

Spec: rkpce, For any Concrete block, Hardener is necessary to set it solid quick and add strength, PCE Hardener is used on the Top layer concrete material., Liquid , Drum

Mechanical Parts & Spares

Mechanical Parts & Spares ,Seals, Oil Seals & Industrial Seals Mechanical Seal Spare Parts, India's largest selection of Mechanical Spare Parts Store. Browse a variety types of fasteners, valves, pipe & fitting, Mechanical Parts & Spares suppliers, Mechanical Parts & Spares Manufacturers,Mechanical Parts & Spares Latest Prices Manufacturer & Supplier in India

-10.65% Virgin Rubber Molds
Virgin Rubber Molds

193.00 / 216.00


Industrial Mixers & Homogenizers

The Turboemulsifier is used extensively in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries for the mixing of viscous materials. This processor is ideal for homogenizing.Ultra-high shear mixers are ideal for homogenization, emulsification and solubilization

-34.67% Hardener Making Machine
Hardener Making Machine

49000.00 / 75000.00


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