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Electrical Equipment

Electrical equipment includes any machine powered by electricity. It usually consists of an enclosure, a variety of electrical components, and often a power switch. IT equipment (computers, printers etc.) Motors, pumps and HVAC Systems.


Servo Voltage Stabilizer Servo Voltage Stabilizer

From ₹1500.00

Rectifier Transformers Rectifier Transformers

From ₹1000.00

Strain Insulators Strain Insulators

From ₹6.00

Electrical Insulators Electrical Insulators

From ₹5.00

RO Control Panel RO Control Panel

From ₹2750.00

Wire Spool Wire Spool

From ₹2000.00

LED Display Module LED Display Module

From ₹300.00

Pit Cover Pit Cover

From ₹150.00

Grounding Leads Grounding Leads

From ₹45.00

Cable Jointing Kits Cable Jointing Kits

From ₹1550.00

FRP Earth Pit Chamber FRP Earth Pit Chamber

From ₹800.00

Electrical Harnesses Electrical Harnesses

From ₹11.70

Pole Display Pole Display

From ₹3000.00

Molybdenum Wire Molybdenum Wire

From ₹3600.00

Cable Clip Cable Clip

From ₹1.00

Pole Contactor Pole Contactor

From ₹450.00

Channel Protectors Channel Protectors

From ₹1150.00

Tension Clamp Tension Clamp

From ₹300.00

Crane Busbar Crane Busbar

From ₹63.00

Led Video Wall Display Led Video Wall Display

From ₹2000.00

Wind Power Service Wind Power Service

From ₹45000.00

Copper Wire Copper Wire

From ₹12.00


From ₹100.00

Wire Marker Wire Marker

From ₹2.00

E-Rickshaw Battery Charger E-Rickshaw Battery Charger

From ₹2850.00

Wire Guide Wire Guide

From ₹2000.00

Advertising Displays Advertising Displays

From ₹600.00

3D Holographic Fan 3D Holographic Fan

From ₹1000.00

Wire Holders Wire Holders

From ₹45.00

Cable Tie Mount Cable Tie Mount

From ₹5.00

Air Terminal Base Air Terminal Base

From ₹150.00

LED Display Board LED Display Board

From ₹1000.00

Electrodes Electrodes

From ₹10000.00

Scrolling Displays Scrolling Displays

From ₹2600.00

Wire Seals Wire Seals

From ₹2.00

Resistance Coil Resistance Coil

From ₹100.00

Oil Cooled Servo Stabilizers Oil Cooled Servo Stabilizers

From ₹20000.00

Cord Grips Cord Grips

From ₹5.00

Metal Conductors Metal Conductors

From ₹970.00

Thermal Overload Relays Thermal Overload Relays

From ₹600.00

PG Clamp PG Clamp

From ₹250.00

Splicer Electrode Splicer Electrode

From ₹3500.00

Dead End Clamp Dead End Clamp

From ₹350.00

LED Light Box LED Light Box

From ₹300.00

E1W Cable Gland E1W Cable Gland

From ₹20.00

Braided Copper Flexibles Braided Copper Flexibles

From ₹350.00

DC Contactors DC Contactors

From ₹200.00

Digital Standee Digital Standee

From ₹3000.00

Digital Standee Rental Digital Standee Rental

From ₹6000.00

Binding Wire Binding Wire

From ₹48.00

Electrical Load Bank Electrical Load Bank

From ₹10000.00

Neutral Balancing System Neutral Balancing System

From ₹80000.00

Yoke Plate Yoke Plate

From ₹800.00

Gi Earthing Strip Gi Earthing Strip

From ₹50.00

Wire End Cap Wire End Cap

From ₹250.00

EDM Control Panel EDM Control Panel

From ₹150000.00

Induction Coils Induction Coils

From ₹100.00

Earthing Plate Earthing Plate

From ₹50.00

Double Suspension String Double Suspension String

From ₹2500.00

ZNC EDM Control Panel ZNC EDM Control Panel

From ₹225000.00

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