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Commercial Kitchen

Commercial kitchens are designed for production and food safety in home, restaurant or in a separate facility. It is just an idea to design so that we can complete our work as efficiently as possible. It need to meet a list of requirement to keep the place clean and hygiene and safe food handling. Commercial kitchen includes many kitchen item such as: Oven, Grill, Deep-fryer, Reach-in cooler, Walk-in cooler, Freezer (either a chest, upright, or walk-in), Saute pans, Stock/soup pots, Saucepans, Baking sheets, Pizza screens, Baking pans, Tongs, Spatulas, Ladles, Chef’s knives, Pizza paddle, Whisks, Mixing bowls, Plastic inserts for coolers, Steam table, Entree plates, Pasta bowls, Appetizer plates, Salad plates, Dessert plates, Metal or plastic shelves for walk-in cooler, Cleaning rags, Cleaning buckets (specifically labeled for cleaning products), Rubber floor mats, Hand soap and sanitizer dispensers, Fire extinguisher.


Aloo Tikki Counter Aloo Tikki Counter

From 16000.00

Animal Feed Mill Plant Animal Feed Mill Plant

From 500000.00

Anti Vibration Table Anti Vibration Table

From 19203.00

Atta Maida Bin Atta Maida Bin

From 7650.00

Bain-Maries Bain-Maries

From 2972.00

Baking Pan Baking Pan

From 450.00

Bar / buffet counter Bar / buffet counter

From 4000.00

Bar Sink With Table Bar Sink With Table

From 4400.00

Bar Trolly Bar Trolly

From 16000.00

Barbeque Counter Barbeque Counter

From 6500.00

Barbeque Grills Barbeque Grills

From 2200.00

Barbeque Trolley Barbeque Trolley

From 38500.00

Batch Fryer Batch Fryer

From 120000.00

Batch Mixer Machine Batch Mixer Machine

From 45000.00

Bentone Burner Bentone Burner

From 16000.00

Besan Mixing Machine Besan Mixing Machine

From 18500.00

Bhalla Papdi Counter Bhalla Papdi Counter

From 14000.00

Boiler Cell Boiler Cell

From 56640.00

Boiler Coils Boiler Coils

From 41300.00

Bone Saw Machine Bone Saw Machine

From 57999.00

Bowl Chopper Bowl Chopper

From 40000.00