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Wet Grinder

The Wet Grinder is used to blend and grind ingredients to fine paste or powder. It is different from other grinders because it uses no dry ingredients. It is widely used worldwide for various household and industrial purposes. It is a time-saving machine that uses a motor to finish the process. The read more...Highly powered engine installed in it helps it to grind flawlessly. It is specifically designed to provide high rotation per minute, so the machine easily blends hard substances as well. The Ultra Wet Grinder creates less heat, reducing food-burning risk. High-quality products generally make no to very low noise, which is a selective factor in purchasing these grinders. The Latest Wet Grinders come with various additional features like they are easily cleanable and provide easy maintenance. They are manufactured to grind all the ingredients and are not used for grains only. The Wet Grinders are basically of two types. The first one is the Table Top Wet Grinder which is used for grinding and shredding a small number of ingredients. These Grinders contain 2 to 3 stones which are cylindrical or conical in shape. Stainless steel or stone-made drum is assembled in it to hold these stones. The other type is Tilting Wet Grinder. Its working doesn’t differ from other grinders, but as its name suggests, they quickly get tilted. Hence, an additional feature of emptying the content quickly is available in this type of Grinders. If this product attracts your attention, or you are willing to buy it, please check out our quality products with the best offers listed below. show less

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