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Hospital Equipments

Hospital Equipments are the equipments which are used in Hospitals and labs. Hospital Equipments benefit patients by helping health care providers diagnose and treat the patients and help them to over come sickness or disease. Equipments that are used in hospitals are Hospital Stretchers, Defibrillators, Anesthesia Machines, Patient Monitors, Sterilizers, EKG/ECG Machines, Surgical Tables, Blanket and Fluid Warmers, Electro surgical Units, Surgical Lights.


Culture Laboratory Culture Laboratory

From 332800.00

Digital Timer Digital Timer

From 4901.00

Face shield Face shield

From 85.00

First Aid Boxes First Aid Boxes

From 925.00

Heating mantle Heating mantle

From 47838.00

Hospital Fowler Bed Hospital Fowler Bed

From 22000.00

Hot Air Oven Hot Air Oven

From 65000.00

Magnetic Stirrer Magnetic Stirrer

From 2400.00

Mortuary Chamber Mortuary Chamber

From 43002.00

Petri Dishes Rack Petri Dishes Rack

From 1200.00

RPM Indicators RPM Indicators

From 1500.00

Semi Fowler Beds Semi Fowler Beds

From 7500.00

Shoe Cover Dispenser Shoe Cover Dispenser

From 4880.00

Shower Cap Shower Cap

From 49500.00

SS Pass Box SS Pass Box

From 38500.00

Stability Chamber Stability Chamber

From 48000.00

Stainless Tool Box Stainless Tool Box

From 4000.00

Surgical Bandage Surgical Bandage

From 4200.00

Surgical cap Surgical cap

From 85500.00

Surgical gloves Surgical gloves

From 330.00

Water distillation Water distillation

From 12000.00