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We provide our customers with various highly advanced features, by availing which you can elaborate on your targeted buyer recognitions. It directly impacts your sales and brings a surge in business leads.

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We are India’s leading B2B marketplace, that works with a goal to provide quality efficient business to our customers. We help our trusted manufacturers in marketing with various methods. We expand the public reach of the product and help our customers to bring a surge in profits. We are highly trusted and well-known in this industry. Since our establishment, we helped several new startups in becoming established industries. We offer all our expert guidance and marketing strategies for a very nominal fee and offer various plans for our customers. These plans have several specifications and all are best to bring a sudden increase in your sales.
We currently offer a free trial and 5 effective plans to our customers. The various specifications of these plans are:

Free Trial

This is a limited-time period offer for our new customers. We provide a free trial to our customers to provide an understanding of our workmanship. In this trial, we provide them with a product listing on the dedicated page. With, this we also feature leads and queries regarding the product. But, due to its popularity and intensive effects, we limit it to only 15 days. You can use this trial method to check the uniqueness of our provided services. You can avail of humongous effective leads by joining hands with us.

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Trusted Plan

We offer our customers with purchase-related inquiries about their products. With this, we avail them with call queries, product views report, cart/wishlist report, and various other benefits regarding sales. We also list their product on our website, followed by a dedicated page for the manufacturing products of that particular seller. Apart from this, we provide a dedicated video of 1-2 min duration and post it to increase the product reach. We also provide featured leads and several other benefits on availing of the plan.

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Star Performer

We provide our customers with inquiries regarding the product, call queries, product views report, cart/wishlist report, efficient and managed business leads, and other sales-related benefits. Apart from this, we provide two products promotion in top locations and promote products on google search shopping tabs. We also create and spread a video of 1-2 min duration regarding the product description on social media to expand the reach of the product.

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Gold Certified

We avail our customers with call inquiries, product views reports, cart/wishlist reports, product inquiries, and several other sales regarding benefits. Rather than this, we provide our customers with five product promotions in top locations and promote products on the google search shopping tab. We prepare a dignified Store inventory module with a seller plan and create three promotional videos of 1-2 min duration and put it on our social media handles. We help the plan user with featured and managed leads.

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Industry Leader

This plan helped various startups and businesses to lead the industry. In this, we provide call inquiries, product views reports, cart/wishlist reports, product inquiries, and numerous sale-related gadgets. Along with this, we provide ten product promotions in top locations. We also create five videos of 1-2 min duration and post it on social media. Also, we maintain a store inventory module with a seller panel to intensify your product demand. We also help this pan user with featured and managed leads.

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Enterprise Solution

Brand awareness is a very crucial part of marketing. In enterprises solution, it is necessary to promote products, so that it reaches the customer’s knowledge and gets the buyer’s recognition. If you are in the development stage or eager to launch any product, the compulsion of studying the market remains a crucial point for business establishment. One such thing that maintains the incredibility of your product is digital marketing. It works as online marketing for a dedicated website. It allows you to do captivating paid advertisements (PPC) to ease getting dynamic leads.

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Authentic Sellers

We are India’s leading B2B Marketplace. Our achievement of this milestone is possible because our customer trusts in us. As they believe in us to maintain ethics, we entertain the audience with only authentic sellers. The proper authentication of every seller, like their address, GST number, and introduction, has been taken and is available to the buyers to maintain transparency. The highly advanced technology and the team constantly work to provide the best results to our customers. Since our establishment, we have been working with the aim of making the business ethical for all. Authentic sellers are one of the pillars of our advanced business network, which helps buyers and seller to gain proficient deals. Besides the massive traffic on our site, our team maintains the quality of the interface. And one of the significant causes that make us leaders in this business is that we have 100% verified buyers and sellers.

Business Inquiries

Since our establishment, we have been working continuously to entertain our customers by nourishing their profits. Our highly trusted brand establishment and skilful marketing team help us intensify our trusted customers' business. We provide our trusted customers with all product-related business queries. It allows our registered users to contact buyers and initiate the deal. Technological advancement is a plus point; thus, we help our customers choose the best products. It increases the chances of the lead to client conversion. Apart from these advanced technological features, free quotations, expert customer support, and perfect marketing expertise bring an edge to us in this industry. We are glad to help several startups become established businesses and brands. We are appreciated widely for delivering perfect business inquiries and bringing a sudden surge in product demands of our customers. We believe in ethical business and are thus considered by our numerous users. Our website interface is customer friendly and eases buyers to put on queries to get instant seller responses.

Effective Product Promotion

Besides massive website traffic, we are also super active on social media. Our social handles actively post various informative and promotional posts regarding the products. With our beautified content embellishment and experienced team, we also get massive support there. Our highly skilled marketing team constantly works on our registered user product promotions. Various established businessmen appraise our team for increasing their product reach. Since our establishment, we have maintained our efficacy and helped numerous start-ups become brands. We have a very skilful, technologically advanced team that helps us with product promotions by various means. Apart from this, we allow free guest posting to our customers. It helps them in describing the product and gaining attention. Different entrepreneurs for positive marketing have trusted us. And, due to our reach and brand value among customers, we are duly dedicated to availing the best deal to our users. By adaption and daily upgradation, we are India’s leading B2B marketplace and are highly trusted in this industry.

High lead to Client Conversion

Our clients highly trust us because of our massive high lead-to-client conversion ratio. Due to our various sources and huge marketing team, we offer our customers precise deals. The functioning of the website interface is to filter the requirement to match the product accurately. Because of our highly skilled team, the leads are provided to get converted into Clients easily. We are India’s leading B2B Marketplace, and thus, we have a massive traffic of manufacturers and buyers on our website. Despite that, our technological advancement maintains the quality of the deals with various ethical specifications. We are the only platform with 100% verified buyers and sellers. Our highly skilled team is our organisation's pillar that helps us maintain the milestone by providing the best to our customers. Since our establishment, we have helped numerous businesses to grow and offered huge deals to our trusted customers. Our ethical and customer-friendly behaviours and strategies make us the No.1 choice in this industry.    

Hyper Active Sellers

We believe in analysing and maintaining the lead, making us the best in the industry. Our website interface allows us to prioritize only active sellers. And, thus we enable our customers to avail only hyperactive sellers. It helps the buyers to attain quick responses from the other side. Apart from this, we assure verified dealers, so transparency remains at the top besides speedy deals. Since our establishment, we have done wonderfully in accelerating the deals. Our satisfied customers believe in us for our quick responses and ethical business. Our moral to establish a relationship between buyers and sellers depend on several pillars, and time efficiency is one of them. With all such facilities, we are implementing various advancements to keep us on trend. We offer 100% verified buyers and users; thus, it is easy to entertain our customers with the best.

Instant Business Leads

We specialize in providing instant business leads to our trusted customers. It facilitates our customers to active deal offers and progressive business. By providing free quotations to our customers, we help the buyer get the same product per his requirement. On the other side, we bring leads to our registered manufacturers to accelerate the deal. Our highly advanced technological team intensifies the speed by building a bridge between buyers and sellers. We are a trusted and highly known B2B marketplace, and since our establishment working to make business ethical. The transparency and our 100% verified buyers and sellers help maintain our quality. Since our establishment, we have supported several start-ups in becoming brands and, thus, get appreciated for our accurate and instant business leads. We entertain our customers with customer support and diverse product ranges besides the instant business leads facility. Our website interface is customer friendly, and our skilled customer support team ensure the best deals for you.

Modern & Responsive Digital Store

We are highly trusted and known for our work in an organised manner. We believe in ethics and transparency in business. It makes us India’s leading B2B Marketplace and highly appreciable in this industry. We work intending to ease the sale and purchase for our customers. And to maintain transparency among buyers and sellers, we offer responsive digital stores to our customers. It facilitates the buyers to check out the description and manufacturing products with basic info about the manufacturer. It increases the trust relationship between the buyers and sellers and thus makes the deal proficient. Various other features of our website sort the effective products for the buyers and ease the process for them. Our highly advanced technical team maintains quality and ensures customer satisfaction. The Modern and Responsive digital store feature help us to verify our registered users. It enables us to maintain our glory by having 100% trusted and verified buyers and sellers.

Quick Support

We are known for our quality and efficient business leads. Apart from that, we are known for our quick and dynamic support team. We help our customers at every step of their purchase, and these qualities make us the leading B2B marketplace. The highly skilled customer support ensures the quality deal for our customers. Aajjo.com works intending to establish a relationship between buyers and sellers. Our 100 manufacturers and buyers make the process more ethical and accessible for us. We receive massive appreciation response for our health services. It helps us to do our best every day. We believe in advancement and, thus, entertain our customers with new technologies which make the process easier over time. We are glad we became the No.1 choice of established brands for B2B leads and get appreciated by them for our highly skilled customer support. Besides the customer support facility, the website interface is designed to ease your process and to sort things according to you.

Receive free Quotation

We are a highly experienced team who knows the business and its strategies. It is one factor that makes us the best in this industry. From various technological advancements, we are providing our customers with quotations. In this service, we send customer requirements directly to our trusted buyers as a lead. It helps the manufacturers and the buyer to get a proficient deal. Several other such features enable us to fasten the sale procedure. Apart from this feature’s leading roles, we provide it to our trusted customers without any external charges. We believe in ethical business, and so we are trusted by a numerous range of customers. We provide business in diverse categories and avail buyers with enormous products. The free quotation feature helps the buyer reach the exact products and filter the best ones for him. We are known for our 100% verified buyers and sellers, so quickly processing the customer’s requirements is easy.

Trusted and Secure Platform

We, Aajjo.com, are India’s most trusted and leading B2b market platform. Our highly skilled and equipped site maintains our quality and trust among customers. Our genuine buyers and sellers guarantee effective deals, ensuring safety in all processes. The Instant action team monitors the procedures to maintain the website’s efficacy. This efficient technological advancement makes us the leading B2B marketplace. We are glad to inform you that we have maintained our reputation for the past several years and maintained our quality in providing you with safe and verified deals.
Top brands and well know industries and entrepreneurs appraise us for our quality services and genuine deals. It motivates us to work on our platform to ease the processes continuously. Our safety access, like instant responses to queries, customer support, and primary verification at login or signing, duly bound the customer and manufacturer with trust. Apart from these, features like high leads to client conversation, hyperactive sellers, proper verification, and transparency help us to maintain our quality.
We deal in various trusted and verified industrial or household products. It has been a matter of pride that all our listed sellers and buyers believe in transparency. And, thus it is easy to read about them and verify them.

Wide Range of Products

What makes us the best in this industry? We gain reach with various customers and sellers with their diverse range of products. At the same time, we provide free quotations to expand the reach of the product. It helps us avail of a wide range of products to ensure our customers get the best out of the best. The beautiful arrangement and design of the site interface ease you into checking out the variety of gadgets. It helps you check the specification and compare products at the same time. We ensure instant business leads to manufacturers. And that is how we assure 100% verified sellers and buyers. It helps us to maintain the trust among our customers. We deal in various industrial equipment that reduces human efforts and gadgets that ensure profit. The process of surfing for quality deals and products is definitely a hectic one. And, to end all your sales and purchase-related problems, we allow expert customer support. Apart from this, the customer-friendly site helps to sort out only your required products. It helps you check the product's specifications, features, and prices. The facilitating interface assists you in comparing and availing of the manufacturer's description to match its expertise. Various established brands widely appreciate our provided platform.   Some of the top categories in which we deal are:

These are some of the categories in which we are well known for our assured product ranges. Check out our all-quality products and avail of them at fantastic prices.

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