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Mathiya Making Machine

Manufacturer of Papad Making Machines - Automatic Papad Making Machine, Appalam Making Machine,,Automatic raw Mathiya making machine dough just needs to be fed into the hopper and at the outlet one gets raw Mathiya,Apart from this no oil is required.Manufacturer of Papad Making Machine - Appalam Mak read more...ing Machine, Semi Automatic Papad Making Machine, Khichiya Papad Making Machine and Papad. show less

-39.23% mathiya making machine
mathiya making machine

39,500.00 65,000.00

Brand: Celfrost
Spec: STMTH 02 02R, semi, 3000 pcs per hr, 50hz
Mathiya Chorafali Making Machine, 3 HP
Mathiya Chorafali Making Machine, 3 HP


Spec: Mathiya Chorafali Making Machine, Semi Automatic, 150kg/hour, 50Hz

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