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But the most popular and cheapest grade of steel is Type 430, which contains 17 percent chromium and 0.12 percent carbon. It's the chromium that gives stainless steel its corrosion-resistant properties. That's why the Type 304 stainless steel gas grills are more durable and can withstand heat better than the Type 430.


Remote Gates Remote Gates

From ₹350.00

Slide Gate Operator Slide Gate Operator

From ₹800.00

Chain Link Fencing Chain Link Fencing

From ₹5.00

MS Grill MS Grill

From ₹20.00

Automatic Gate Automatic Gate

From ₹140.00

SS Door Grill SS Door Grill

From ₹105.00

RCC Grill RCC Grill

From ₹50.00

Collapsible Gates Collapsible Gates

From ₹80.00

Motorised Gate Motorised Gate

From ₹350.00

Pneumatic Slide Gate Valve Pneumatic Slide Gate Valve

From ₹1000.00

Clay Jaali Clay Jaali

From ₹35.00

Retractable Gates Retractable Gates

From ₹200.00

Barbed Wire Barbed Wire

From ₹20.00

Ornamental Gate Ornamental Gate

From ₹155.00

FRP Gate FRP Gate

From ₹390.00

Stainless Steel Fence Stainless Steel Fence

From ₹64.00

Swing Gate Operator Swing Gate Operator

From ₹4200.00

Motorized Sliding Gate Motorized Sliding Gate

From ₹100.00

Sandstone Gate Sandstone Gate

From ₹1500.00

Safety Fence Safety Fence

From ₹250.00

Invisible Grill Invisible Grill

From ₹100.00

Telescopic Gate Telescopic Gate

From ₹400.00

Wire Fencing Wire Fencing

From ₹10.00

Plastic Safety Fence Plastic Safety Fence

From ₹250.00

Pinion Gate Pinion Gate

From ₹25000.00

Concertina Coil Concertina Coil

From ₹60.00

WPC Grill WPC Grill

From ₹150.00

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