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False ceiling Pop celling

As a leading & reputable manufacturer & supplier in Pune, False ceiling Pop celling takes pride in delivering top-quality products & services that set industry standards.

Legal Status Private Limited Company
Nature of Business POP PVC Gypsum cement sheet false celling installation
Year of Establishment 137
Age of Company 20 years
Turnover 10 lacs
Manpower 1-50
Grid (2×2) tile Arm strong
Grid (2×2) tile Arm strong


Spec: 619
Simple False Ceiling Design
Simple False Ceiling Design


Spec: , , ,
-50.00% False Ceiling
False Ceiling

55.00 /Square Feet 110.00

Brand: DRY ALL
Spec: False Ceiling, All material, white, all labour
False Ceiling Contractors
False Ceiling Contractors


Spec: 369, PVC pannel, Real, brown/
Wall Pop
Wall Pop


Spec: Wall Pop
Wall partition
Wall partition

280.00 /Square Feet

Brand: Birla Aircon
Spec: Gypsum cement sheet, 12mm

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