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General Details
Lock Size15 X 22 X 4
TypeDigital lock
It can be fitted on any type of shutters.No electric wiring required .only for charging
With the growing crime rates across the cities safety of  your business premises and warehouse have become a matter of concern. A Burglary or a  theft lead to devastating consequences not  just financially but emotionally too. people tend to overtook Ignore, and  underestimate the need of the taking security measures the breaking open the shutter  is the most common  modus, operandi noticed in the case of theft, loot, robbery and riots. Keeping a security guard is not viable option as security guards are either killed or the lured by the burglars into the conspiracy.
—Researchers say that alarm systems help deter the burglars. Researches also proved that the burglar would be hesitant to enter a place fitted with alarm system. So a proper security system which is affordable and advanced in technology is the need of an hour.
—Choosing a proper security system is the key element in the whole process .It is always recommended that one should go for a company that is recognized and a well reputed.
—"Jain security system shutter siren(GSM)" is one of its kind and the most viable option. It is a typically designed tailor made surveillance system that provide you the ability of the monitor your place no matter where you are .It is wireless GSM gadget having five phone line and comes with hassle free installation.
—specification of shutter siren GSM
—1.- It can be fitted on any type of  shutters.
—2.- New electricity wiring required.
—3.- 30.6cm, length 10.3cm width, 3cm hight.

—4.- Easy to operate with very low maintenance.

Installation with the help of screw ,and support team no.-9753920493

Warranty & Installation

1 year warranty without physical damage

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