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General Details
ModelGas Conveyor Pizza Oven
Technical Specification
Chamber Size(mm)NA
Temperature RangeNA
Electrical Power Supply
Electrical Power SupplyNA
Packing Delivery& Taxes
Despatch time after releasing the orderNA
Road Permit Or Way FormNA
Type Conveyor Oven
Brand The United Kitchen

 Chamber Size 350*1000mm

 Dimensions H 1100*570*430mm

 Power 12KW/Hour+0.1KW

 Power Source LPG

 Temperature 0~350 Deg C

 Voltage 220V-50Hz

 Weight 60Kg

Product Description

Designed to provide consistent heat with infrared heaters. Equipped with a variable speed control and adjustable top and bottom heat controls. Body is made of stainless steel. Excellent for bread, bagels and pizzas. Ideal for large kitchens, diners, and cafes.


Warranty & Installation

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