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Cement Concrete Hardener

The Cement Concrete Hardener is a clear liquid, used to improve the strength and durability of various concrete products. It is added to the raw mixture during the manufacturing process of any concrete substance such as blocks. This improves the surface finish of the final product and increases its read more...resistance to chemicals and general wear and tear. Also known as a concrete densifier, it is generally a clear silicate liquid, manufactured with various reactive chemicals as the raw materials. It also helps to harden the concrete and make it dust-proof. This Cement Concrete Hardener is available in various qualities and strengths that can be used according to the user’s requirements. One of the most common uses of the hardener is during the construction of concrete floors. This improves the surface finish of the floor and makes it smooth. The chemical penetrates deeply into the concrete, increasing the hardness and preventing moisture & other substances from entering. This can prove to be a good option to prevent dampness in walls and floors. show less

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