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Casting, Moulding & Forging Machines

The main difference between molding and casting is the use of the material in the process. Casting will typically involve metal, while molding focuses on plastics. In both cases, the melted material goes into a die or mold to create the final form. ... There are a few different options in injecti read more...on molding.

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Forging Hammer Forging Hammer

From ₹11000.00

Blow Molding Machines Blow Molding Machines

From ₹140000.00

Hot Forging Machine Hot Forging Machine

From ₹100000.00

Insert Moulding Machine Insert Moulding Machine

From ₹500000.00

Cold Forging Machine Cold Forging Machine

From ₹70000.00

Bakelite Molding Machine Bakelite Molding Machine

From ₹170000.00

Foundry Machinery Foundry Machinery

From ₹9900000.00

Rotary Moulding Machine Rotary Moulding Machine

From ₹2000000.00

Billet Casting Machines Billet Casting Machines

From ₹50000000.00

CNC Angle Bending Machine CNC Angle Bending Machine

From ₹2500000.00