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Alloys are usually produced by melting the mixture of ingredients. The value of alloys was discovered in very ancient times; brass (copper and zinc) and bronze (copper and tin) were especially important.


Alloy Steel Chain Alloy Steel Chain

From ₹700.00

Steel Pallet Steel Pallet

From ₹1950.00

Metal Laminates Metal Laminates

From ₹570.00

Carbon Blocks Carbon Blocks

From ₹299.00

Stainless Steel Slabs Stainless Steel Slabs

From ₹600.00

Mild Steel Roller Mild Steel Roller

From ₹8500.00

CNC Laser Cutting Sheet CNC Laser Cutting Sheet

From ₹300.00

Chequered Plate Chequered Plate

From ₹63811.00

HR Sheet HR Sheet

From ₹77.00