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General Details
ModelSemi Automatic Chapati Making Machine
Dimensions & Weight
Machine Size(ft.)NA
Technical Specification
Press Motor AmperageNA
Press Motor(HP)NA
Total Heating Element(Wt)NA
Total Power Usage(Hr)NA
Packing Delivery& Taxes
Despatch time after releasing the orderNA
Road Permit Or Way FormNA
Capacity1000 Chapatis per hour
Design Type Rotary Type
MaterialStainless Steel
Automation Grade Semi-Automatic
Voltage220 V
s It PortablePortable
Chapati Size 4-5",8 Inch
Power SourceElectric, Gaseous
Thickness Of Chapatti 1.5 mm,2.5 mm
Rotimatic is the world's first robotic kitchen appliance. It measures atta, mixes and kneads it into a dough, and then makes a perfect dough ball. This is then flattened evenly and cooked to make round, evenly thin, and completely puffed, golden brown chapatis.


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