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Kaushik Hydraulic & Forging Company is recommended by industry experts for its convenient services and satisfied customers. With an embellished brand image, we are praised for our amazing devices and gadgets, which are highly appreciated by our users. We are a certified organization and consist of a team of experienced and motivated enthusiasts. With professional qualifications and specific working experience, the equipment we produce is widely recognized for its outstanding working mechanism and productivity. We have designed a network of automated machinery, through which we expand our productivity and can achieve any decided target without compromising on quality.

Some technical specifications make us more popular in the industry:

 • Quality products

• Valuable price

• Quick support

• Customer-Centered service

• Automation Arrangements

• & Many More

Kaushik Hydraulic & Forging Company started its journey with the goal of taking the No. 1 position in this particular industry. With our dynamic working mechanism and dedication, we have achieved our goal and are one of the best dealers for these sets of machines. The moral support of satisfied customers and the high appreciation we receive drives us to do better every day and as a result, we continue to grow constantly. We are fortunate to have strong expertise, a dedicated workforce, and experienced analysts. This combination of knowledge and passion is the backbone of our organization. We are determined to achieve and maintain our goal of delighting our customers with dynamic products and are ready to make it easier for them to work and convert.

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