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Why Us? - KONARK


Konark Heat System is a client-centric organization and understands its client’s requirements. We possess a lot of experience in this industry and create products that benefit our clients the most. We use a certified range of raw materials and use all the industrial-guided procedures in the manufacturing process. Our products especially Bread Proofer 16 Trays, Convection Oven, Gas Deck Oven, KG8 Convection Oven, K-80 Single Rack Oven, and Dough Sheeter Machine are designed using extraordinary accessories and ease the workability for our customers. 

Along with our premium products, we also engage our audience with top-of-the-class services as well. To ensure the convenience of our customers, we provide them with the best customer support and feedback system. Also, with the best possible installation, and maintenance we uncover every potential measure to make our customers feel special. Our products such as KG6 Convection Ovens, Deck Ovens, Bread Slicer Machines, Konark Stainless Steel KM-20 Spiral Mixer, and Konark Proofing Chambers, are designed to offer versatility, energy efficiency, easy installation, and convenient usage. 

Some of the advanced features, we serve our clients with are:

  • Wide Range of products
  • Affordable prices
  • Client-Centric Deals
  • Simple Payment Options
  • Timely Delivery
  • & Many More

Our Mission

We are on a mission to make our services more convenient for our clients. With the help of our tech-civilized team members, we utilize new technologies to obtain brilliant results that maximize our client's profits and offer desired services. Our products such as the Konark Proofing Chamber, Convection Oven, Konark Planetary Mixer, and Konark Automatic KM-10 Spiral Mixer are designed using advanced accessories, and we work extremely hard to always remain the No.1 choice for our clients. We are also creating a network using which, we can directly interact with our clients and understand them more through feedback forums, and QNAs.

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