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As a leading & reputable manufacturer & supplier in JALALABAD, SM engineering solutions and services takes pride in delivering top-quality products & services that set industry standards.

About us

S M Engineering Solution & Services sells new benchmarks of excellence through manufacturing and export of best quality products. In a short period of time, we have witnessed phenomenal success thanks to our focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Aside from conceptual design, execution, installation & commissioning, operator training, and operational assistance, we also provide our clients with turnkey solutions.

Legal Status Partnership
Nature of Business Harble Extraction and pharmaceutical machines
Year of Establishment 12
Age of Company 12 years
Manpower 1-50
-28.00% Sprinkler Nozzle
Sprinkler Nozzle

360.00 500.00

Spec: Sprinkler Nozzle
-58.33% Toughen glass Round
Toughen glass Round

250.00 600.00

Spec: Toughen glass Round, As Per Requirement, As Per Requirement, Glass
-5.26% Centrifuge Machine
Centrifuge Machine

450000.00 475000.00

Spec: SM14, 900 MM, 1440, SME
-3.57% Turmeric Curcumin Extraction Plant
Turmeric Curcumin Extraction Plant

1350000.00 1400000.00

Spec: SM ENG, Stainless Steel , 440V, 1 HP
-17.23% Ghee Boiler
Ghee Boiler

112000.00 135322.36

Spec: SM15, taxes will be extra
-50.00% Stainless Steel Union
Stainless Steel Union

200.00 400.00

Spec: SM7, stainless Steel, UNION, SS304
-15.63% Milk Silo Capcity 500Liter
Milk Silo Capcity 500Liter

675000.00 800000.00

Spec: Milk Silo Capcity 30 KL
-19.35% Liquid mixing tank
Liquid mixing tank

125000.00 155000.00

Spec: SM13, Stainless Steel SS304, 1 KL, Stainless Steel SS304
Horizontal Rotary Extractors
Horizontal Rotary Extractors


Spec: SM ENG, 1 KL, Stainless Steel
Road Milk Tanker
Road Milk Tanker


Spec: Road Milk Tanker, stainless steel, 1kl, Manual.
-43.75% Sanitary line Filter
Sanitary line Filter

4500.00 8000.00

-40.00% Heat Exchanger Condenser
Heat Exchanger Condenser

45000.00 75000.00

Spec: SM21, Stainless Steel ss 304/ss316, vapour, 2 Inch
butter churned
butter churned


Spec: sm, tex and transportation will be extra
-9.78% Curcimin Solvent Extraction Plant
Curcimin Solvent Extraction Plant

415000.00 460000.00

Spec: SM ENG, Stainless Steel, YES, 500 L
-17.39% Double Cone Blender
Double Cone Blender

95000.00 115000.00

Spec: SM23, Stainless Steel ss 304/ss316, 200 KG, Conical
-11.11% Curcumin Solvent Extraction Plant
Curcumin Solvent Extraction Plant

800000.00 900000.00

Spec: Mild Steel Solvent Extraction Plant, Mild Steel, Automatic, 320 - 440V
Solvent Distillation
Solvent Distillation


Spec: SM6, STAINLESS STEEL, 1000 Liter, fraction
-50.00% Three Way Ball Valve
Three Way Ball Valve

3000.00 6000.00

Spec: SM10, 2 Inch, Stainless Steel SS304
Solvent Extraction plant
Solvent Extraction plant


Spec: Solvent Extraction plant
-13.79% Chemical Reactors
Chemical Reactors

125000.00 145000.00

Spec: SM4, 500 L, STAINLESS Steel and ms, SS
-20.00% Liquid transfer Pumps 1 hp
Liquid transfer Pumps 1 hp

20000.00 25000.00

Spec: Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel, 3 Phase
-25.00% Mass mixer
Mass mixer

75000.00 100000.00

Spec: SM12, stainless , 200Kg, 250v
-47.37% SS Union
SS Union

200.00 380.00

Spec: Extractor vessel Union , ss
-9.52% Multi Mill
Multi Mill

95000.00 105000.00

Spec: SM26, YES, Stainless Steel ss 304/ss316, YES
-10.00% Harble Extraction  plant
Harble Extraction plant

450000.00 500000.00

Spec: Extractor vessel, ss
-12.00% view Sight Glasses
view Sight Glasses

2200.00 2500.00

Spec: 4 inch tuffen, 2 inch, High pressure And Low Pressure
-7.27% Thin Film Evaporator
Thin Film Evaporator

255000.00 275000.00

Spec: Thin Film Evaporator
-52.94% Heat exchanger
Heat exchanger

40000.00 85000.00

Spec: SM13, stainless steel , AN, AN
-50.00% Laboratory Centrifuge Machine
Laboratory Centrifuge Machine

75000.00 150000.00

Spec: SM14, 900 MM, 1440, SME
-10.00% milk Inline Filters
milk Inline Filters

4500.00 5000.00

Spec: SME29, Stainless Steel ss 304/ss316, Inline Filters, 4 Inch
-13.04% Conveyor Idler
Conveyor Idler

100000.00 115000.00

Spec: SM25, Stainless Steel , Roller
-22.73% Vacuum Tray Dryer
Vacuum Tray Dryer

425000.00 550000.00

Spec: SME27, Stainless Steel ss 304/MS, 48 TRAYS, 100 D
-34.78% Weighing Bowel
Weighing Bowel

75000.00 115000.00

Spec: SM16, 500 l, 500L
-34.78% Vertical Screw Conveyor Machine
Vertical Screw Conveyor Machine

75000.00 115000.00

Spec: SM12, Stainless Steel SS304, 500kg, 440 V
-28.00% chemicals liquid transfer pump
chemicals liquid transfer pump

18000.00 25000.00

Spec: Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel, 3 Phase
-13.79% Reaction Vessel
Reaction Vessel

125000.00 145000.00

Spec: SM5, SS304-SS316-MS2062, 1000 Liter
-13.79% Chemical Reaction Vessel
Chemical Reaction Vessel

125000.00 145000.00

Spec: SM4, 500 L, STAINLESS Steel and ms, SS
-28.00% Dairy milk  Transfer Pump
Dairy milk Transfer Pump

18000.00 25000.00

Spec: Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel 304, 100d, 220v
-12.00% Light Glass
Light Glass

2200.00 2500.00

Spec: Sight Glasses, 3 INCH, High pressure And Low Pressure
Vibro Shifter
Vibro Shifter


Spec: SM27, Stainless Steel , Pharmaceutical Industry

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We have earned a reputable standing in this industry by our competence and trustworthiness. Among the various criteria for which we have received praise from clients all around the country are:

    • Product range with guaranteed quality

    • Skilled professional team

    • Business policies that are ethical

    • Client-centered strategy

    • Vast distribution network

    • Transparency in business

    • Excellent transportation and logistical capabilities

    • Reasonable prices

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