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About Us - Standard Machinery

Standard Machinery is a well-established manufacturing enterprise established in Delhi, India. We specialize in the fabrication of superior industrial machinery, particularly machines for producing disposable cutlery and cutting slippers. Our steadfast commitment to manufacturing top-notch machines and delivering reliable services has earned us the confidence of countless businesses across India.
We offer a wide variety of machines, including:
• Paper Plate Plant
• Kulhad Making Machine
• Sleeper Cutting Plant
• Mini Panumatic Sealing Machine
• Paper Plate Double Die Machine
• Slipper And Sole Cuttings Machine

Our valued customers place their trust in us as their primary machine supplier and manufacturer, a responsibility that we take great pride in fulfilling. We are dedicated to efficiently managing large-scale orders within the industrial sector, catering to esteemed enterprises, which has been pivotal in earning their confidence. The unwavering loyalty of our clients is a direct result of our commitment to providing exceptional machines, positioning us as their preferred choice for all their industrial machinery requirements.
At Standard Machinery, our main objective is to offer exceptional and budget-friendly machinery that guarantees unparalleled reliability and productivity for our valued clients. We place great emphasis on incorporating cutting-edge technology into the design and manufacturing of our machines, ensuring flawless performance. Our commitment is centered around empowering our customers to reach unprecedented achievements in their respective industries by providing comprehensive business solutions and excellent services. Additionally, we consistently strive to foster strong and enduring relationships with both our clients and colleagues.

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