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vatanucool proudly presents its exclusive range of Air Cooler & Aluminium Foil Insulation. These top-notch products are made from the finest quality materials, ensuring exceptional performance and durability.

Insulators & Insulation Materials

Insulators & Insulation Materials & insulation material, Mineral Wool, Rockwool Insulation Material, stone wool insulation, Latest Prices Manufacturer & Supplier in India

-12.50% Aluminum Foil Insulation sheet
Aluminum Foil Insulation sheet

70.00 80.00

Brand: Carrier
Spec: Aluminum Foil Insulation sheet
-16.67% Insulation Sheets
Insulation Sheets

100.00 120.00

Brand: Carrier
Spec: Insulation Sheets
-14.29% installation sheet
installation sheet

600.00 700.00

Ductable AC

Find Ductable AC , Ductable air conditioner is a split air conditioner in much more larger areas are to be covered then a Centralised Air Conditioning plant is deployed. Ductable Ac Manufacturer & Suppliers

-8.33% Duct fabrication work
Duct fabrication work

110.00 120.00

Brand: L.G.
Spec: Duct fabrication work
-2.14% Ductable AC
Ductable AC

137000.00 140000.00

Brand: L.G.
Spec: Ductable AC
-8.33% air Ducting
air Ducting

110.00 120.00

Spec: , gi ducting, ,
-5.88% ducting fabrication work
ducting fabrication work

160.00 170.00

Spec: 10, , 2000,

Commercial Kitchen Products

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers, Commercial Kitchen Equipment, Food Processing Equipment Manufacturers, Food Processing Equipment Exporters, Hotel Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers, Hotel Kitchen Equipment Exporters

Commercial Air Cooler

Industrial or commercial air cooler is a huge necessity in high temperature regions . The high humidity and heat make working conditions difficult. The cool & Fresh air from industrial air cooler improves the comfort level of workers.

-10.00% Ductable air cooler
Ductable air cooler

45000.00 50000.00

Brand: Carrier
Spec: Ductable air cooler
-11.11% Ductable air cooler..
Ductable air cooler..

80000.00 90000.00

Brand: Carrier
Spec: Ductable air cooler
-10.00% installation and service
installation and service

45000.00 50000.00

Brand: Carrier
Spec: installation and service
-6.67% Air Ducting fabrication
Air Ducting fabrication

140.00 150.00

Brand: Carrier
Spec: Air Ducting fabrication


Find Cooler, Best air cooler, Cooler fan, Ride-on Coolers, Thermoelectric Coolers, Cooler Manufacturer & Supplier

ducting air cooler
ducting air cooler


Spec: 10, ,

Domestic Fans, AC & Coolers

An air conditioner circulates the internal air of the room over and over again, whereas an air cooler pulls fresh air from outside and then cools it down. Because of the way it operates, an air cooler offers better quality of air for your room.

-16.67% Exhaust fan
Exhaust fan

10000.00 12000.00

Brand: Celfrost
Spec: Exhaust fan

Filters & Filtration Systems

Filters and filtration systems are essential for removing unwanted particles and contaminants from liquids or gases. They are used in various industries such as water treatment, air purification, food processing, and pharmaceuticals. Learn more about how these systems work and their different types in this informative description.

-14.29% kitchen hood installation
kitchen hood installation

30000.00 35000.00

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