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Cooling Tower

Heat generation in power plants and big industries is a big issue, especially in the refrigeration industry. This heat cannot be removed easily manually but a special machine is used to achieve this and remove the heat produced with great efficiency. This machine is known as a cooling tower. A cooli read more...ng tower is used to remove heat from hot water coming from inside the plant containing all the heat produced inside. In more simple words, a cooling tower is a big heat exchanger which expels the heat into the atmosphere directly. The water gains the heat inside a chiller while reducing the temperature of the cooling agents such as coolants or refrigerants flowing in the condenser coils inside the chiller in a part known as the condenser due to which the hot water coming is called condenser water. The top of the cooling tower is open where a fan is present to help in the cooling process. When the hot water comes inside the cooling tower, it is exposed to cool and dry air which helps to reduce the temperature of the water with the help of a natural process known as evaporation. The condenser water entering is sprayed in the form of small droplets over the fill which helps to increase the surface area resulting in a better and faster evaporation process. The fan present at the top of the tower forces the air to enter the cooling tower from the bottom and then pass through the fill carrying all the heat in the form of evaporated water and then the air exits through the top with all the evaporated water and the heat is expelled into the atmosphere. After the condenser water cools down, it is collected by the collection system present at the bottom of the cooling tower and then is sent to the machines to cool them down and gather their heat. Then the water again enters into the cooling tower and the process repeats itself again and again. Sometimes, cooling towers are used in place of HVAC systems as they are more efficient for cooling purposes than HVAC systems. These are generally installed to provide cooling in large commercial buildings such as schools, hotels, restaurants, and airports. Cooling towers are generally made up of one of three materials which are metal, plastic, or fiberglass. The average life of the cooling tower is somewhere between 15-20 years entirely depending on the type of material and the care with which the machine was used. show less

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