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Screen Changer

Screen changers are used to optimize the quality of your product and protect your pump and downstream equipment from damage caused by contamination without interrupting the production process. The systems are always adapted to the individual situation of each plant. The screen changer is a fundam read more...ental device because it filters the material coming out of the extruder before the granulation stage and guarantees the total purity and quality of the end product.Appropriate adapter flanges make an adjustment possible to all usual extrusions. A continuous screen changer is a machine that filters out impurities in the polymer extrusion process without interrupting the process when a dirty screen needs to be changed. It's used in melt filtration processes where debris can clog up screens in a very short time and process disruptions are costly. show less

Manual screen changer
Manual screen changer


Spec: RRSC-110, 200-375 Kg/Hr.*
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