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Dosa Bhatti
Dosa Bhatti

Dosa Bhatti

₹ 13000.00

Plate Thickness: As Per Requirement
Tawa Thickness: As Per Requirement
Modal: Dosa Bhatti
Control Type : Knob
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Dosa Bhatti is of 9mm thick iron plate on the burner and gives the perfect heating evenly. Dosa Bhatti can be used at Restaurant, Hotels and Dosa Center. Read More...


GST No - 24ACFPT9406N1Z2


General Details
ModalDosa Bhatti
Control Type Knob
Ignition Type Manual
Plate ThicknessAs Per Requirement
Tawa ThicknessAs Per Requirement
Color Silver


Dosa Bhatti is of 9mm thick iron plate on the burner and gives the perfect heating evenly. Dosa Bhatti can be used at Restaurant, Hotels and Dosa Center.The dosa tawa uses Gas to heat up the top layer of the Tawa. The top layer of the Dosa Plate is rust-resistant and the defined heat is attained within a short time period. The flame is evenly distributed and the tawa has the same heat temperature across the entire span.Dosa is famous for its simple ingredients and savory, slightly bitter flavor. It can be eaten as a snack, breakfast, or anytime you're in the mood for a delicious, savory meal! Originating in southern India, the crispy dosa has been around since the 5th century AD.

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Questions for the Product Page

What is the current price of the Dosa Bhatti?

The currently available price/cost of the Dosa Bhatti on our AAJJO platform is ₹13000.00. For more accurate pricing, please request the quotation from the sellers by clicking on the “request callback” button on the Dosa Bhatti detail page, and filling up details & requirements in the pop-up window.

Does Dosa Bhatti good to purchase products in Ahmedabad?

Yes, we ensure our provided Dosa Bhatti always remains the best and delivers the best to the users in Ahmedabad. The offered products are completely reliable because Nilkanth Equipments is extremely experienced and offers good quality services. With an advanced range of specifications and brilliant features, provided Dosa Bhatti is designed to ease workability, decrease expenses, and generate expected results.

Does Nilkanth Equipments the best seller/supplier/manufacturer/dealer of Dosa Bhatti in Ahmedabad?

No doubt, Nilkanth Equipments is the best manufacturer or seller of the Dosa Bhatti in Ahmedabad because of there immense expertise and quality offers. With expert knowledge of the sector and client-centric work mechanism, Nilkanth Equipments ensure the best and most effective Dosa Bhatti for its customers. And, with advanced accessories, satisfy the users with their desired results.

What payment methods are available for purchasing the Dosa Bhatti?

To clarify your payment options for purchasing Dosa Bhatti, please note that the available payment methods depend on the Nilkanth Equipments preference. As the Dosa Bhatti belongs entirely to the Nilkanth Equipments, they can choose the mode of payment that suits them best. Currently, the available methods our sellers support are Cash, COD, Credit/Debit Cards, Digital Wallets, Bank transfer, etc.

What is the location of the Nilkanth Equipments?

The location of the Nilkanth Equipments is C/2, NILKANTH APPARTMENTS, NR VISHRAM NAGAR, MEMNAGAR AHMEDABAD, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, 380052.

What is the GST Number of the Nilkanth Equipments?

The GST Number of the Nilkanth Equipments is 24ACFPT9406N1Z2.

How to Contact Nilkanth Equipments for the purchase of Dosa Bhatti?

There is only one convenient method to contact Nilkanth Equipments. It begins with visiting Aajjo’s website and searching for the Dosa Bhatti, then you have to click on the “request callback” button, and carefully have to fill up all the asked information on the pop-up screen. According to your provided location and requirements, our system provide you with Dosa Bhatti sellers & dealers and their contact number, whom you can use to contact them.

What are the delivery options available for the Dosa Bhatti?

To clarify the delivery options available for the Dosa Bhatti, you have to visit Aajjo’s website and have to search for the product. In the product detail page, you will find a “request callback” button, after clicking on it, you will get a pop-up screen, where you have to fill up your quotation regarding Dosa Bhatti, along with the asked details. This form allows you to provide your details and ask the Dosa Bhatti seller about the most suitable and feasible transportation method for your purchase. By engaging with the seller through this form, you can discuss and finalize the best delivery options for you.

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Top Manufacturers of the Dosa Bhatti

Here, we present a list of some of the top manufacturers of the Dosa Bhatti listed with us. By, using the provide link, you can visit their personalized store page and check out their other quality products.

  1. Jas enterprise
  2. S.S. Engineering
  3. Om Sai Engineering Works
  4. Kitchen Care Sales & Services
  5. Nilkanth Equipments
  6. P. K. Equipments
  7. Bhawani Engineering Work
  10. Aakash Works

Dosa Bhatti Prices Offered by Top Manufacturers in the Ahmedabad

There are a variety of manufacturers & sellers listed and deals on Dosa Bhatti at Aajjo website. So, to make your purchase more feasible, here are a list of the prices that suited previous buyer requirements and are opted more in this Dosa Bhatti category.

Jas enterprise ₹10000.00
S.S. Engineering ₹10000.00
Om Sai Engineering Works ₹32500.00
Kitchen Care Sales & Services ₹10500.00
Nilkanth Equipments ₹13000.00
P. K. Equipments ₹14500.00
Bhawani Engineering Work ₹20000.00
J T COMPANY ₹10000.00
Aakash Works ₹10000.00

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