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Our experience, service, and exceptional client relationship are what empower us to reach lakhs of homes and industries across the country. We believe in professing a healthy life with products designed and manufactured in India. We, as a company, believe that Innovation and Excellence are the driving forces behind our success and have helped us come to a prominent name in the assiduity.

Marut Air systems have evolved and now have a plethora of products. Today, we've about 100 employees with a multi-product portfolio reaching every Indian Industry and Household. We take pride in establishing ourselves in many Depots and a network of 50 retailers who we consider as our brand ambassadors. We're spread across India and all over the world.

We deal with all kinds of ventilation Industrial quality products such as wall-mounted axial extractor fans, wall-mounted axial fans, reversible wall-mounted axial fans, wall-mounted centrifugal up or down fans, linear or tubular axial fans, circulation fans, ceiling exhaust fans. fans, fixed or portable fans, laboratory exhaust fans, smoke extraction chambers, coolers for people and food, ventilation slots, fresh air dampers, working slots, etc. We offer, among others, ceiling fans, built-in fans, roof fans, propeller fans, and pedestal fans. We repair all different models and sizes of industrial fans, blowers, and dust extraction systems, including industrial roof and wall fans, filter or high power exhaust fans, industrial panel exhaust fans, and all types of dust collectors such as portable, booth, cassette, agitators., welding fumes and much more. We lead the industry with innovative residential ventilation products, customized climate solutions, indoor air quality, and superior customer service. We respect our humble beginnings as a small ventilator manufacturer, while still embracing the latest technological and practical advances in ventilation. Our job is to make the home healthier, more comfortable, and more affordable.

Our main goal is to become the leading home appliance manufacturer in India. Our large infrastructure is fully equipped with production and sales divisions. Whether it's a wall fan, ceiling fan, table fan, exhaust fan, or personal fan, the entire Marut Air Systems products range is made from the finest materials for optimum performance and long life. Marut Air Systems is proud to be the industry leader in providing the most trusted brands of ventilation equipment for over many years.

The variety of fan industrial applications ranges from the most high-tech sectors to the simplest personal air conditioning systems. But the greatest demand for industrial fans comes from heating, cooling, and ventilation systems in buildings. Fans with different capacities, configurations, and power consumptions are needed to meet the different air circulation needs in industry and commerce. Commercial and domestic ceiling fans, oscillator fans, and almost all other varieties of light domestic or light industrial fans are in an axial configuration. Centrifugal ceiling and wall fans are mainly for air extraction and industrial fans are for air circulation. The sole purpose of industrial fans for air circulation is to keep the air moving, getting rid of stagnant air. An industrial air circulation fan can be portable (on wheels), mounted on a pole, suspended from a beam, or recessed into the ceiling.

Ceiling exhaust fans include in-chassis fans, bathroom fans, and ceiling fans designed for commercial and industrial use. Typically, wall-mounted exhaust fans are mounted as high on the wall as possible and are used to remove polluted, harmful, or hot air from a designated area or structure. Rooftop fans are powerful, direct-drive fans that suck heat, smoke, and greasy air from exhaust hoods inside a restaurant or commercial kitchen and dissipate it into the atmosphere. 

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