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Mrityunjay Innovations proudly presents its exclusive range of High Pressure Homogenizers & Muffle Furnace. Crafted from the highest quality materials, these top-tier products deliver exceptional performance and durability.

Industrial Furnaces & Ovens

They are used to provide heat for a process or can serve as reactor which provides heats of reaction. Furnace designs vary as to its function, heating duty, type of fuel and method of introducing combustion air.

Types of industrial furnaces include batch ovens, vacuum furnaces, and solar furnaces.

The average person is probably unaware of the difference between the two so we'll explain it for you. The difference is actually pretty simple. Any industrial heat treating system that heats above 1000 degrees Fahrenheit is considered a furnace and anything below is an oven.

Muffle Furnaces
Muffle Furnaces


Spec: Muffle Furnaces

Industrial Mixers & Homogenizers

Industrial mixers and homogenizers are vital components in various manufacturing industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. They ensure consistency and uniformity in the production process and enhance the quality of the end product. Learn how these machines can streamline production processes, increase productivity, and improve product quality. Discover the different types of industrial mixers and homogenizers, their applications, and how they work in our comprehensive guide.

0-100 Bar Homogenizer
0-100 Bar Homogenizer


Spec: 0-100 Bar Homogenizer

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