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Fabstar INC proudly presents its exclusive range of Commercial Washing Machine & Hydro Extractor. These top-notch products are made from the finest quality materials, ensuring exceptional performance and durability.

Home Appliance Products

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-25.00% Steam Press Machine
Steam Press Machine

30000.00 40000.00

Spec: Steam press machine
Vacuum Ironing Table
Vacuum Ironing Table


Brand: Elanpro
Spec: Vacuum ironing table, m.s , Vacuum ironing table, m.s

Mechanical Parts & Spares

Mechanical parts and spares are essential components of many industrial and manufacturing processes. These parts enable machines and systems to function appropriately and efficiently, from bearings to gears to valves. This article explores the different types of mechanical parts and spares, their functions, and how they can be used to improve productivity and reduce downtime. Whether you're in the field of engineering, manufacturing, or maintenance, this guide will provide valuable insights into the world of mechanical parts and spares.

Side Load Washing Machine
Side Load Washing Machine


Spec: SLWM-15, semi automatic, 15-100kg, belt drive
-4.00% Laundry Washing Machine
Laundry Washing Machine

120000.00 125000.00

Spec: FLWM- 15, manual, 15-120 kg, 15-120 kg
Fully Automatic Washing Machine
Fully Automatic Washing Machine


Brand: Oinwar Group
Spec: , , ,
-20.00% Jeans Washing Machine
Jeans Washing Machine

100000.00 125000.00

Spec: Jeans washing machine
Drying Tumbler
Drying Tumbler


Spec: Three Phase Industrial Tumble Dryer
-11.39% Washer Extractor
Washer Extractor

350000.00 395000.00

Spec: Washer Extractor


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Fully Automatic Steam Generator
Fully Automatic Steam Generator


Spec: Fully Automatic Steam Generator

Food Processing Equipments

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-10.00% Dog Bath Tub
Dog Bath Tub

45000.00 50000.00

Spec: STC-DBT, freight and packing extra

Process Tanks & Chemical Reactors

Process tanks and chemical reactors are essential equipment in chemical, pharmaceutical, and other industries. These tanks and reactors are designed to handle various chemical reactions and processes, making them an essential part of any industrial process. Discover the importance of process tanks and chemical reactors and how they can help your business grow.

-6.67% Hydro Extractor
Hydro Extractor

70000.00 75000.00

Spec: stainless steel , 1000rpm, 15-50 kg

Industrial Plants & Machinery

Industrial plants and machinery are essential for the production and manufacturing of goods. These plants and machines are used in various industries, such as automotive, aerospace, electronics, and construction. They play a crucial role in increasing production efficiency and reducing costs. From heavy-duty machinery to automated assembly lines, industrial plants and machinery are built to withstand rigorous and demanding environments. Discover more about industrial plants and machinery and their critical importance to the global economy.

-20.83% Tumble Dryer
Tumble Dryer

95000.00 120000.00

Thread Sucking Machine
Thread Sucking Machine


Spec: Thread Sucking Machine, Mild Steel, 50-60 Hz, Electric

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