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Air Conditioning Compressors

In the summer season, everyone is irritated due to the high temperature and everyone wants to cool down and get some relief from the heat. Air conditioners are the most popular appliances when it comes to cooling down the temperature in closed areas like homes, offices, buildings, laboratories, etc. read more... Air conditioners use multiple parts to cool down the air in the area. The parts include an evaporator, condenser, and compressor. The functioning of the air conditioner is not very hard to understand. One of the main parts of the cooling system is the compressor, which is the outdoor unit of the air conditioning system. The air conditioners work in two parts, the first part is where the indoor unit pulls the air and purifies it and with the help of coolant or refrigerant the air is cooled down and the air is blown out by the unit into the area where it is installed. The second part is essentially the most important part of the system which keeps the whole process continuously going. In the second part, the compressor comes into play which contains a part known as the condenser. When the air is cooled down the coolant or refrigerant used boils and gets converted into gas. The gas is then sent to the compressor inside which the condenser cools down the coolant with the help of air and condenser fans. The compressor unit is very important as it converts the used refrigerant again into the liquid form so that it can be used again easily. When the coolant is converted into the liquid form, the air used to cool it down becomes hot, and then it is removed from the system with the help of a fan installed in the compressor system. The cooling effect of the condenser is not enough to convert the coolant into the liquid form. So to complete the process, as indicated by the name, the compressor increases the pressure of the coolant compressing it and finally, the coolant is converted into the liquid form. The liquefied refrigerant is then sent to the indoor unit where it is again used to cool down the air and this process repeats again and again. It is important to note that without the compressor, the air conditioner will require a continuous flow of coolant which will be very expensive. In some HVAC systems where instead of cooling, the temperature of the area is needed to be increased, the compressor unit is used as the indoor unit instead of being the outdoor unit. show less

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