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Floor air conditioner

A floor air conditioner is another type of air conditioner which is widely used in restaurants, party halls, small hotels & motels, etc. As suggested by the name, the air conditioner stands on the ground like an air cooler instead of being wall-mounted, window-mounted, or ducted, but uses the same c read more...ooling methods used by other air conditioners to reduce the internal temperature of the area. Just like a wall-mounted split air conditioner, these floor air conditioners have an outdoor unit that does the exact same work as the outdoor unit of split AC. The indoor and outdoor units are connected with copper tubes which are gas and liquid lines. The vaporized refrigerant from the indoor unit is sent to the outdoor compressor unit through the gas line and the cooled liquid refrigerant from the outdoor unit is sent back to the indoor unit by the liquid line. Previously, R22 was used as the refrigerant but after knowing that R22 harms the ozone layer by producing harmful gases and degrading the layer, its production was stopped and other refrigerants like R407C and R410A were started to be used as the coolant in many air conditioners but after finding out that these increase the global warming these refrigerants are not being used anymore. R32, a newer and more effective coolant is now being used which does not affect the ozone layer and has minimal effect on global warming. These floor air conditioners are very useful in areas where air conditioners cannot be mounted on the wall or window and ducting is not possible. These come in various sizes depending on their cooling capacities. Also, inverter and non-inverter floor air conditioners are also available to purchase that can be helpful if there is frequent power outages in the area. show less

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