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Air quality is a big issue, especially in urban areas where a lot of industries are present. The quality of air in which we breathe is degrading day by day due to the increase in industrial factories and increasing vehicles which produce more and more pollution making the air more and more harmful. read more...But in confined spaces, an air purifier can be used to remove pollution and contaminants from the air and make the air healthier and safe to breathe. Air purifiers are manufactured as either single units which can be used alone or as large units which can be installed with air handling units or big HVAC systems to reduce the cost of placing individual purifiers in every room. These purifiers were mainly used in medical and commercial industries but due to the increase in the pollution factor, air purifiers are getting more and more popular in households and small offices to reduce the effect of polluted air on the health of workers and residents. These purifiers are a major help to people suffering from allergies and asthma as they also reduce the number of dust particles present in the air providing them huge relief. The most common technology used by air purifiers is the HEPA filters which were commercialized in the 1950s. High-efficiency particulate arrestance filters more commonly known as HEPA filters are proven to remove up to 99.97% of 0.3-micrometer particles and are very effective against pollutants and contaminants. To maximize the working efficiency of a HEPA air filter, pre-filters are used which essentially functions as a filter for dust and bigger particle. This increases the efficiency and working life of a HEPA filter. Another type of filter used is MERV filters which are generally used in big HVAC systems because as compared to HEPA filters a large volume of air can be passed through MERV filters making them ideal for HVAC systems. There are many other technologies that are being used in air purifiers but for household usage, HEPA filters are the best choice and for HVAC systems, MERV filters are more preferable. While the air purifiers provide a lot of advantages, it is to be noted that the product you are using does not produce any ozone. Ozone is a compound made by the combination of three oxygen atoms. Ozone is very harmful to humans if inhaled even in small amounts, so it is recommended to use air purifiers that do not produce any ozone. show less

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