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Water dispensers are being used for a long time and these water dispensers can be seen in most offices, schools, and functions. Water is the most important thing required for the survival of every living being. From humans to trees, everyone needs to take water regularly to avoid any health-related problems. The water dispenser is a very useful piece of technology that can be used to combine the use of two appliances, a water cooler, and a water heater. Both of the tasks, cooling of water and heating of water can be done in a dispenser as it contains both parts required for cooling as well as for heating water. The parts that are installed in a dispenser are the compressor, condenser, evaporator, heating element, separate containers for hot and cold water, and a dispensing system. The main function of the evaporator is to lower the temperature of the water using a refrigerant which absorbs the heat from the water. The refrigerant starts boiling as soon as it absorbs the heat and converts itself into gas. The gas is then transferred to the compressor whose function is to increase the pressure of the vaporized refrigerant and then the pressurized refrigerant is sent to the condenser where the refrigerant cools down with the help of air or water and again liquefies. After it liquefies, the refrigerant is sent to the evaporator again to repeat the process over and over again. The heating process can be done in two ways in the dispenser. Firstly, the water can be heated by using it to cool down the refrigerant. This process will be power efficient as it uses the heat produced during the cooling process but will be slow. Secondly, a heating element is used to heat the water which increases the power consumption but is much more efficient than the first method.


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